The Name Kitsufox

The name arose when I was just 14 and used the nickname "Kitsune" (the Japanese word for fox). It was at that time that I also sought to register my first domain name. Unfortunately, the name I wanted was taken (, as were the .net and .org variations.

In a bind, I wracked my brain for a new name to register. Thus it came to pass that I discovered the meaning of the word "Kitsu" in Japanese (correct), and "Kitsufox" was born. The name has stuck and has grown to be a nickname to which I respond.

Kitsufox Productions

Kitsufox productions was founded, officially, in April of 2011. I had spent many years dreaming of a life as a designer, so when my college instructor urged students to create an identify for themselves it was a simple matter for me to embrace Kitsufox Productions as that identity.

Kitsufox Productions Blog

The Kitsufox Productions blog allows you to follow the journey through select projects with me. Clients should not be worried, projects that are not my own personal endeavours will only be included with express written permission from the commissioner.